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South Philly Experience Los Angeles CA (@southphillyexp).

It’s amazing how each region of the country has certain food items associated with it. For example, growing up in New York my favorite snack cakes were Yodels, from Drake’s Cakes. For much of the rest of the country their favorite was Hostess’  Ho-Ho’s, basically a Yodel.  And down in the Philly area no one seemed to care about Hostess or Drakes, it’s all about TastyKakes (their Swiss Roll is similar to a Yodel).

TastyKakes aren’t the only food institution associated with Philadelphia… probably Philly is most known for the cheesesteak! Like Chicago’s Italian Beef sandwich (another regional favorite) things often called cheesesteak are just not what a Philly native would really consider the real thing.

About 2400 miles west of Philadelphia the South Philly Experience food truck is bringing authentic style cheesesteaks to Southern California. What makes them authentic? Well, first off there is the bread. Philadelphians are used to Italian style rolls from the Amoroso Baking.  These same rolls are used by South Philly Experience. The meat is thin-sliced ribeye, it’s authentic. The cheese is cheese-whiz, just like in Philly.

All of the South Philly Experience ingredients are just like Philly, and they put the sandwich together the same way, with authenticity. They even use the Philly lingo, order up a steak, or a cheesesteak and specify if you would like it “wit” or “witout”. (that refers to the grilled onions!)  Even if you are skeptical get a cheesesteak with cheese wiz, it really brings all the flavors together and makes the sandwich authentic and special!

The South Philly Experience expands on the traditional cheesesteak with an Italian version (with Provolone and broccoli rabe), a Buffalo Steak (buffalo sauce and bleu cheese), and a Pizza Steak (Provolone and mainara sauce). Plus each steak can also be ordered in a chicken version. For veggie lovers there is also a vegetarian steak with broccoli rabe, roasted peppers, onions and Provolone.

They say that cheesesteaks taste best in Philly, but LA’s South Philly Experience will make ex-Philadelphians feel as if they are at home, and provide everyone else with a great sandwich.

Oh, and for dessert don’t forget to have some Tastykakes. The South Philly Experience offers Chocolate Juniors, Butterscotch Krimpets, Peanut Butter Kandykakes and Cream Filled Chocolate Cupcakes.

It’s like Philadelphia, in Southern California, in a food truck! Track ’em down whether you want a sandwich “wit” or “witout”!

South Philly Experience – Los Angeles, CA

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