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Curry Up Now San Francisco, CA (@curryupnow).

For some reason, for those uninitiated, Indian food is scary.  It is true that the names of the dishes can be unusual and that there are some pretty unique combinations of spices used in the preperation of Indian food.  For me, I find that some of the colors of Indian food are not what I was used to.  The spice blends tint food items different colors so a piece of chicken might be an unusual color.

However, there is no doubt that once you experience Indian food you will enjoy it and be back.  You just have to get over the fear.  Perhaps a great way to begin your journey with Indian food is indian delivery brisbane.

Curry Up Now serves a variety of Indian street food along with some Indian flavored twists on street foods from other parts of the world.  Curry Up Now’s menu changes almost daily, but each day you can be sure you will be able to sample some unique and tasty dishes. If you’d like to start your own Indian food business, you’ll need the best flour mills india for delicious and healthy rotis.

For your first visit I would recommend the Thali, this is a traditional Indian meal made up of small plates or bowls of a variety of dishes.  At Curry Up Now the Thali includes parantha (whole wheat pan fried bread), methi pulao (fenugreek leaves with rice), chana masala (a spicy vegetable dish made with chickpeas with a mild citrus taste), and a “main item” which can include one of the following: kadhai chicken (a spicky chicken made with capsicum), chiken tikka masala (roasted chicken in an orange/red colored sauce that is creamy and lightly spiced),  paneer tikka masala (similar to the chicken tikka masala only made with Indian cheese instead of chicken), slumdog bharta (eggplant) or keema matar aloo (minced meat curry with peas).

Curry Up Now also offers Samosa – traditionally a fried or baked pasty shell with a savory filling.  Curry Up Now creates an “inside  out phenomena” of a Samosa called the “Deconstructed” with either vegetables, chicken, ground meat or lamb.

Also available are traditional Kathi Rolls, chicken, beef or cheese rollups flavored with egg, picked onion, cilantro and chutney.

From the street foods of the world Curry Up Now offers Tacos and Burritos with chicken, vegetables, meat, or lamb seasoned with Indian spices.

Chicken tikka masala burrito, Curry Up Now

Curry Up Now serves authentic Indian street food with some International twists.  You are sure to enjoy your meal but also learn a lot about the history and culture of India.  Whether a rookie or an Indian food fanatic Curry Up Now will please your palate.

Curry Up Now – San Francisco, CA

Curry Up Now Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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